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Permaculture Project Underway!


We have been working on an exciting new project, which is our Allotment Garden based in Moor Green Allotments, Moseley (near Cannon Hill Park). Jeff Potter, Qualified Horticulturist, who oversees all the allotment site work has been getting it set up to become a useable and safe place for people to come and enjoy the site.

Over the last few months our lovely team have carried out the first phase of clearing the allotment and turning it into a productive space in good order. This included clearing and tidying the space, ensuring the soil is workable and fertile with the weeds under control.

With progress being made, our allotment has been divided into sections for different growth areas, one side will be used for formal growing and the other side for vegetables, salads and fruits along with a herb garden.


What will happen?

Once all the work has been carried out and the space has been transformed we will be using our allotment garden as a place for people to come and grow anything they like from fruits, vegetables, herbs and plants.

The whole idea is to run the allotment on the principles of permaculture, which is a productive system intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. This is based around reusing and recycling to carefully think about the way we use our resources and how it is possible to get much more out of life by using less. Our allotment will be productive as possible and not generate any waste. The waste we have will be recycled and reused into the allotment space. There will be no chemical inputs, so everything will be done organically and veganic to make it as natural as possible.

We want to create a social space for people not only to learn about growing your own foods, but to also take part in learning how to cook healthy dishes from these ingredients. We want to create a  community of social eating and for people to be involved in the full process from start to finish.

Cooking lessons will be held at our main Digbeth site, showing people how to use natural ingredients for healthy dishes, so they can learn to use what they have grown and have a better understanding of where their ingredients come from.


Get Involved!

The aim of our allotment garden is to provide opportunities for as many people who will benefit from it to come and use its services to its full potential. It will be a place for mindfulness and relaxation as well as physical exercise.

What you can take part in:

Walking Group activities

Planting seeds

Relaxation space

Training sessions about Horticulture an growing foods

This will give people the chance to have ownership and a part in what they are eating, learning where the food comes from and picking up skills how to cook it. This will also give people a chance to socialize in a fun friendly educational environment.

They have created a sitting area with benches and chairs for people to relax and sit on. There is also a covered shed where people can also sit and relax inside with shelter. This is also some space to keep food drinks, belongings etc.


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